Source code for scrollphat

from sys import exit, version_info

    import smbus
except ImportError:
    if version_info[0] < 3:
        raise ImportError("This library requires python-smbus\nInstall with: sudo apt-get install python-smbus")
    elif version_info[0] == 3:
        raise ImportError("This library requires python3-smbus\nInstall with: sudo apt-get install python3-smbus")

from .font import font
from .IS31FL3730 import IS31FL3730, I2cConstants

__version__ = '0.0.7'

ROTATE_180 = True

controller = None

def _get_controller():
    global controller

    if controller is None:
        controller = IS31FL3730(smbus, font)

    return controller

[docs]def set_rotate(value): """Set the rotation of Scroll pHAT :param value: Rotate 180 degrees: True/False """ _get_controller().set_rotate(value)
# The public interface maintains compatibility with previous singleton # pattern. def rotate5bits(x): _get_controller().rotate5bits(x)
[docs]def update(): """Update Scroll pHAT with the current buffer""" _get_controller().update()
[docs]def set_buffer(buf): """Overwrite the buffer :param buf: One dimensional array of int: 0 to 31 - pixels are 1,2,4,8,16 and 1 is top-most pixel """ _get_controller().set_buffer(buf)
[docs]def set_brightness(brightness): """Set the brightness of Scroll pHAT :param brightness: Brightness value: 0 to 255 """ _get_controller().set_brightness(brightness)
[docs]def set_col(x, value): """Set a single column in the buffer :param x: Position of column to set, buffer will auto-expand if necessary :param value: Value to set: 0 to 31 - pixels are 1,2,4,8,16 and 1 is top-most pixel """ _get_controller().set_col(x, value)
[docs]def write_string( chars, x = 0): """Write a text string to the buffer :param chars: Text string to write :param x: Left offset in pixels """ _get_controller().write_string(chars,x)
[docs]def graph(values, low=None, high=None): """Write a bar graph to the buffer :param values: List of values to display :param low: Lowest possible value (default min(values)) :param high: Highest possible value (default max(values)) """ _get_controller().graph(values, low, high)
[docs]def buffer_len(): """Returns the length of the internal buffer""" return _get_controller().buffer_len()
[docs]def scroll(delta = 1): """Scroll the offset Scroll pHAT displays an 11 column wide window into the buffer, which starts at the left offset. :param delta: Amount to scroll (default 1) """ _get_controller().scroll(delta)
[docs]def clear_buffer(): """Clear just the buffer, do not update Scroll pHAT""" _get_controller().clear_buffer()
[docs]def clear(): """Clear the buffer, and then update Scroll pHAT""" _get_controller().clear()
[docs]def load_font(new_font): """Replace the internal font array The font is a dictionary of lists, keyed on character ordinal. For example, space ' ' would have the key 32 (ord(' ')). Each list includes one or more numbers between 0 and 31, these numbers specify which pixels in that column will be on. Each pixel is assigned a bit, either: 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16. 1 is the top-most pixel (nearest the header) and 16 the bottom-most. A value of 17 would light the top and bottom pixels. """ _get_controller().load_font(new_font)
[docs]def scroll_to(pos = 0): """Set the internal offset to a specific position :param pos: Position to set """ _get_controller().scroll_to(pos)
[docs]def io_errors(): """Return the internal count of IO Error events""" return _get_controller().io_errors()
[docs]def set_pixel(x,y,value): """Turn a specific pixel on or off :param x: The horizontal position of the pixel :param y: The vertical position of the pixel: 0 to 4 :param value: On/Off state: True/False """ _get_controller().set_pixel(x,y,value)
[docs]def set_pixels(handler, auto_update=False): """Use a pixel shader function to set 11x5 pixels Useful for displaying patterns and animations, or the result of simple functions. For example:: scrollphat.set_pixels(lambda x, y: (x + y) % 2, True) Will display a check pattern. :param handler: A function which accepts an x and y position, and returns True or False :param auto_update: Whether to update Scroll pHAT after setting all pixels (default False) """ for x in range(11): for y in range(5): set_pixel(x, y, handler(x, y)) if auto_update: update()