Source code for inkyphat

from . import il91874
from . import fonts

    from PIL import Image, ImageFont, ImageDraw
except ImportError:
    exit("This script requires the pillow module\nInstall with: sudo pip install pillow")

__version__ = "0.0.1"

RED = 2

WIDTH = 212
HEIGHT = 104

_image ='P', (WIDTH, HEIGHT))

_draw = ImageDraw.Draw(_image)

_panel = il91874.IL91874(resolution=(HEIGHT, WIDTH), h_flip=False, v_flip=True)

_panel.set_palette((il91874.WHITE, il91874.BLACK, il91874.RED))

# Export drawing methods into the module namespace
for method in ["arc", "bitmap", "chord", "draw", "ellipse", "fill", "font", "fontmode", "getfont", "im", "ink", "line", "mode", "palette", "pieslice", "point", "polygon", "rectangle", "setfill", "setfont", "setink", "shape", "text", "textsize"]:
    globals()[method] = getattr(_draw, method)

# Selectively export image methods into the module namespace
for method in ["paste", "putpixel", "getpixel"]:
    globals()[method] = getattr(_image, method)

def set_partial_mode(x1,x2,y1,y2):

clear_partial_mode = _panel.clear_partial_mode

[docs]def create_mask(source, mask=(WHITE, BLACK, RED)): """Create a transparency mask. Takes a paletized source image and converts it into a mask permitting all the colours supported by Inky pHAT (0, 1, 2) or an optional list of allowed colours. :param mask: Optional list of Inky pHAT colours to allow. """ # Create a new 1bpp (on/off) mask image mask_image ="1", source.size) w, h = source.size for x in range(w): for y in range(h): p = source.getpixel((x, y)) # Mask out just the inkyphat colours we want to show if p in mask: mask_image.putpixel((x, y), 255) return mask_image
[docs]def set_rotation(r): """Set rotation. :param r: Rotation in degrees, can be either 0 or 180 """ if r == 180: _panel.h_flip = True _panel.v_flip = False else: _panel.h_flip = False _panel.v_flip = True
[docs]def set_border(col): """Set panel border colour. :param col: Colour to set, should be one of WHITE, BLACK or RED. """ _panel.set_border(col)
[docs]def set_image(image): """Replace buffer with an image. :param image: A valid PIL image, or an image filename """ if isinstance(image, str): image = if hasattr(image, 'getpixel'): _image.paste(image)
[docs]def get_image(): """Get the image buffer.""" return _image
[docs]def show(): """Display the current buffy on Inky pHAT.""" for y in range(WIDTH): for x in range(HEIGHT): _panel.set_pixel(x, y, _image.getpixel((y, x))) _panel.update()