Source code for dothat.touch

from sys import exit

    from cap1xxx import Cap1166, PID_CAP1166
except ImportError:
    exit("This library requires the cap1xxx module\nInstall with: sudo pip install cap1xxx")

I2C_ADDR = 0x2c

UP = 1
DOWN = 2
LEFT = 3

_cap1166 = Cap1166(i2c_addr=I2C_ADDR)
_cap1166._write_byte(0x26, 0b00111111)  # Force recalibration

for x in range(6):
    _cap1166.set_led_linking(x, False)

[docs]def high_sensitivity(): """Switch to high sensitivity mode This predetermined high sensitivity mode is for using touch through 3mm perspex or similar materials. """ _cap1166._write_byte(0x00, 0b11000000) _cap1166._write_byte(0x1f, 0b00000000)
[docs]def enable_repeat(enable): """Enable touch hold repeat If enable is true, repeat will be enabled. This will trigger new touch events at the set repeat_rate when a touch input is held. :param enable: enable/disable repeat: True/False """ if enable: _cap1166.enable_repeat(0b11111111) else: _cap1166.enable_repeat(0b00000000)
[docs]def set_repeat_rate(rate): """Set hold repeat rate Repeat rate values are clamped to the nearest 35ms, values from 35 to 560 are valid. :param rate: time in ms from 35 to 560 """ _cap1166.set_repeat_rate(rate)
[docs]def on(buttons, bounce=-1): """Handle a press of one or more buttons Decorator. Use with @captouch.on(UP) :param buttons: List, or single instance of cap touch button constant :param bounce: Maintained for compatibility with Dot3k joystick, unused """ buttons = buttons if isinstance(buttons, list) else [buttons] def register(handler): for button in buttons: _cap1166.on(channel=button, event='press', handler=handler) _cap1166.on(channel=button, event='held', handler=handler) return register
[docs]def bind_defaults(menu): """Bind the default controls to a menu instance This should be used in conjunction with a menu class instance to bind touch inputs to the default controls. """ @on(UP) def handle_up(ch, evt): menu.up() @on(DOWN) def handle_down(ch, evt): menu.down() @on(LEFT) def handle_left(ch, evt): menu.left() @on(RIGHT) def handle_right(ch, evt): menu.right() @on(BUTTON) def handle_button(ch, evt): @on(CANCEL) def handle_cancel(ch, evt): menu.cancel()